downtown schools for boston
Why has Downtown Schools for Boston made this request?
Boston's downtown neighborhoods are thriving, vibrant places. They offer almost everything residents could want - except public schools! But as a result, it's very difficult to find a site or building that is appropriate and available.

And a number of issues arise in downtown neighborhoods: transportation access to the school; vehicle and pedestrian traffic impact; costs; impact on nearby residents; and the need to preserve historic neighborhoods.

Why this location?
In broad terms, it's a very good location for a Boston public school. This location would be close to home for families in most downtown neighborhoods, as well as the South End, Roxbury and Mission Hill. This site also minimizes some of the issues mentioned above.

Has this been done before in Boston?
The Boston Fire Department has a major facility at 125 Purchase Street in the Financial District, on the ground floors of an office tower.

Won't including a school increase the scale of an already large project?
It may.  However, the site is in a commercial area, near other large towers. The project is also located at a multi-mode regional transportation hub, with access to the Orange Line, commuter rail, and the Massachusetts Turnpike. This area is suitable for high-rise development.  The scale of the project will be evaluated during the BRA's review process.

Are you endorsing the 40 Trinity Place project?
We are not endorsing the 40 Trinity Place project. The merits of 40 Trinity Place are for the City of Boston and its residents to decide. If we find reasons to reconsider our request, we will do so.

Are you considering other sites for public schools?
We are investigating many other sites in all of the downtown neighborhoods that have no public elementary schools. We expect it will be very challenging to find locations for downtown schools, and will continue to pursue many alternatives until the downtown neighborhoods have the schools they need.

Last updated January 7, 2013.

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